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Herbal Yoni Steam

About this product
Yoni steaming is the ancient practice of allowing warm herbal steam to permeate the vaginal tissues & womb. This ritual lovingly provides a myriad of potential benefits to a woman’s natural cycle including enhanced intimacy, reduced menstrual cramps, increased fertility & even an easeful transition into menopause. Our tridoshic Herbal Yoni Steam is formulated by Ayurvedic practitioners to cleanse, nourish, tone & gently love your yoni.
Pour 4-6 C. of boiled water into a large bowl & add 4-6 T. Herbal Yoni Steam. Before steaming, hold your hand above the steam to make sure it is at a safe temperature. Undress the lower half of your body & squat, sit or kneel above your herbal steam. Use a towel or blanket to cover the lower half of your body & enjoy until the steam subsides. Enjoy this self-care ritual 1-3 times per month.
FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS: Mugwort*, Shatavari*, Rose*, Lavender*, Calendula* & Rosemary*
SIZE: 0.25 lb in 5"x3"x8" pouch. Approximately 5-7
• Made in United States
• Weight: 6.4 oz (181.44 g)


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